Thursday, 17 May 2012

Domestic violence

It is sad to see that some couples do not go along together. We find them always in fights, they do not understand each other. I just witnessed something terrible on my way from the shop. There was a man in a car, hitting his woman. It was shocking for me and I wonder what that child was going through; their child was in back seat. She was like "No no no!!" and was trying to stop her dad. He went very violent. She must have been traumatised by this act. This is not done. What if she is used to that? This must really have a negative impact on her. Poor girl! Things like that should be avoided in presence of a child. It is not good for him/her. It was public. The man was hitting her on the main road, it may be in  a car but still there are so many people around. These kinds of behaviour have to stop.

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