Thursday, 17 May 2012

Element of trust

In every family there should be trust. The element of trust is important as if we trust everyone in the family, it is a way to promote peace in a family. If there is no trust, there is nothing. I encountered a lot of problem during my adolescent time. It was such that my parents lost faith in me. They would not believed a word I said as I used to tell white lies to them. It was so because of the way they think. They would not let me live my life like others of my age do. What I thought was good for me,was bad for them. I knew my limits but they were kind of over-protective; I may even say they are still over-protective but the fact that I am big enough now, they kind of let go. 

A video on domestic violence

This video is about how an angry father was out of his mind. It is quite similar to what I saw today in that particular car. The little boy makes me think of that little girl's reaction.

Domestic violence

It is sad to see that some couples do not go along together. We find them always in fights, they do not understand each other. I just witnessed something terrible on my way from the shop. There was a man in a car, hitting his woman. It was shocking for me and I wonder what that child was going through; their child was in back seat. She was like "No no no!!" and was trying to stop her dad. He went very violent. She must have been traumatised by this act. This is not done. What if she is used to that? This must really have a negative impact on her. Poor girl! Things like that should be avoided in presence of a child. It is not good for him/her. It was public. The man was hitting her on the main road, it may be in  a car but still there are so many people around. These kinds of behaviour have to stop.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A video illustrating generation gap

This video is about young people v/s old people. This might help you to understand the term generation gap better. It is fun to watch.

My parents way of thinking

Personally, I find them quite orthodox people. It is like they did not follow the evolution. Maybe that is the reason why there is the thing called generation gap. It is not present only in my family but also in many other families. This is so because they cannot adapt with the new lifestyle. They think that youngsters nowadays should all be like they were in their youth. But it is quite difficult to apply that in the actual world as today's youngsters are not the same as the long ago ones. They have change; their lifestyles, way of thinking and way of behaving. Everything has changed and some parents find it difficult to cope with that change.

Family problems

The most difficult matter with respect to family relationships is that you do not have the entire control of the relationship yourself. Whether the relationship is going as it is supposed or not is not up to you alone. As it is said it takes two to tango.When it comes to relationship problems, it is common to attempt a control strategy. You start trying to bring change in the other person. At times it may work but at times it only leads to frustration.It is better to accept the person the way he/she is if you cannot change them. I love my parents and my sister tremendously but there are certain things I would like to change in them, if possible. It will be for the welfare of the family.

Friday, 11 May 2012

My family

In my family, I have my father who works at the Prime Minister's Office(PMO) in Port-Louis. He is in his middle age. Then , my mother who works at SICOM which is also situated in Port-Louis. Then comes me and after me there is my little sister who is still in college and is 14 years of age.